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 Mon 01/27/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Seattle, Lincoln High School  8:00p 10:00p  >Club Teams> Crest Practice    JG 
Seattle, North Seattle Church 6:00p 7:00p  >Administration> Extra Optional  Club Team Positional Training  JG 
7:00p 9:00p  >Clinics and Camps> Clinics Skills Series  Blocked for Special Clinics  JG 
 Tue 01/28/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Seattle, Hamilton Middle School 6:30p 8:30p  >Club Teams> Peak Practice  NO Practice - HMS Cancelled Gym Space - Working to Reschedule   JG 
6:30p 8:30p  >Club Teams> U14 Practice  * NO Practice - HMS Cancelled Gym Space - Working to Reschedule  JG 
Shoreline, Shoreline Christian 7:30p 9:30p  >Club Teams> U16 Practice    JG 
7:30p 9:30p  >Club Teams> Summit Practice    JG 
 Wed 01/29/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Seattle, North Seattle Church 6:00p 8:00p  >Club Teams> U12 Practice    TM 
8:00p 10:00p  >Club Teams> Peak Practice  Note Special Date and Location  TM 
Shoreline, Shoreline Christian 7:30p 9:30p  >Club Teams> U15 Practice    JG 
7:30p 9:30p  >Club Teams> Crest Practice    JG 
 Thu 01/30/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Seattle, Hamilton Middle School 6:30p 8:30p  >Club Teams> U14 Practice    JG 
6:30p 8:30p  >Club Teams> U16 Practice  Note Special Time and Location  JG 
Seattle, North Seattle Church 6:00p 8:00p  >Clinics and Camps> Clinics Skills Series    JG 
Seattle, Olympic Hills 6:30p 8:30p  >Club Teams> U13 Practice    JG 
 Sun 02/02/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Seattle, Cascade 11:00a 4:00p  >Administration> Coaching Manager Coaching Manager    JG 
Seattle, Roosevelt High School 11:00a 5:00p  >Clinics and Camps> Clinics Skills Series    JG 
Shoreline, Shoreline Christian 1:30p 3:30p  >Club Teams> U12 Practice    JG 
1:30p 3:30p  >Club Teams> U13 Practice    JG 
3:30p 5:30p  >Club Teams> U15 Practice    JG 
3:30p 5:30p  >Club Teams> Summit Practice    JG